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Let EOD Handle Your Roofing Supplements.

Writing xactimate roofing supplements, sending, tracking and negotiating can be time consuming, and difficult. We have the experience and proven operational expertise to get your supplements approved quickly, with limited back and forth with insurance carriers.

What exactly is a roof supplement?

A residential roof supplement typically refers to an additional payment or allowance made by an insurance company to cover the cost of necessary repairs or replacements for a residential roof that has sustained damage. This supplement is usually provided when the initial estimate provided by the insurance adjuster is insufficient to cover the actual repair or replacement costs.

When a homeowner files an insurance claim for roof damage (caused by events such as storms, hail, wind, or other covered perils), an insurance adjuster assesses the damage and estimates the cost of repairs. However, there are instances where the initial estimate might not fully capture the extent of the damage or the actual costs involved. In such cases, the homeowner or roofing contractor may identify additional damage or necessary repairs that were initially overlooked.

To address this situation, the homeowner or roofing contractor can provide documentation and evidence of the additional damage to the insurance company. The insurance company then evaluates the supplemental information and may issue a residential roof supplement—an additional payment beyond the initial estimate—to cover the newly identified repairs or replacements.

Roof supplements help ensure that homeowners receive adequate compensation to restore their roofs to their pre-damage condition. The process of negotiating and obtaining a residential roof supplement can vary depending on the insurance company, policy terms, and local regulations.

Allow EOD to manage all of your Roofing Supplements for you.

What is the process for submitting a roof or siding supplement?

As a roof supplement service provider, we specialize in assisting roofing contractors with the process of obtaining additional funds from insurance companies for necessary repairs or replacements beyond the initial estimate. Here’s how our process works:

1. Contractor Assessment: When a roofing contractor identifies potential roof damage that might not have been fully covered by the initial insurance estimate, they can reach out to us for assistance. Our expertise lies in assessing the extent of the damage to support the contractor’s supplement request.

2. Thorough Documentation: Our team works closely with the roofing contractor to gather comprehensive documentation of the additional damage. This includes capturing detailed photographs from multiple angles, as well as conducting a thorough inspection to identify any hidden or secondary issues that may have been overlooked.

3. Insurance Submission: Once we have collected all the necessary documentation, we assist the roofing contractor in preparing a well-documented supplement request. This request outlines the additional repairs or replacements needed and provides the insurance company with clear evidence of the damage’s extent.

4. Negotiation and Communication: We communicate with the insurance company on behalf of the roofing contractor. Our experienced professionals engage in negotiation and discussion with the insurer’s representatives to advocate for the necessary supplemental funds. This may involve presenting the roofing contractor’s estimate, explaining the reasons for the supplement, and addressing any questions or concerns raised by the insurance company.

5. Approval and Payment: Upon successful negotiation, if the insurance company approves the supplement request, they provide additional funds to cover the extra repair costs. We ensure that the contractor receives the approved supplement payment promptly and efficiently.

6. Project Execution: With the supplemental funds secured, the roofing contractor can proceed with the repairs or replacements required to restore the roof to its pre-damage condition. We emphasize the importance of maintaining clear records and documentation throughout the repair process.

Our dedicated services aim to streamline the supplement process for roofing contractors, allowing them to focus on their core work while we handle the intricate aspects of documentation, communication, and negotiation with insurance companies. By collaborating with us, roofing contractors can ensure that they receive the appropriate compensation to deliver quality roofing solutions to their clients.

Why are residential insurance supplements even necessary?

Residential insurance supplements are a crucial necessity in the roofing industry due to several key reasons. As a roofing contractor, you understand the importance of delivering top-notch services to your clients, and supplements play a significant role in achieving that goal. Here’s why these supplements are necessary:

1. Comprehensive Damage Assessment: While insurance adjusters are skilled at evaluating damage, they might not always identify every aspect of roofing damage, especially subtle or hidden issues. Residential properties can have complex roofing systems, and supplements allow for a more thorough assessment by professionals who specialize in roofing.

2. Accurate Cost Estimation: Roofing repairs and replacements can involve various factors, such as materials, labor, and unforeseen challenges that only become apparent during the repair process. Supplements provide the means to address these unexpected costs and ensure that your clients receive accurate and comprehensive estimates.

3. Maintaining Quality Work: As a dedicated roofing contractor, your priority is delivering high-quality workmanship. Supplements help you avoid cutting corners or compromising on the quality of materials and work due to budget constraints. This ensures that your clients’ roofs are restored to their best condition, contributing to your reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Client Satisfaction: When you can secure the necessary funds through supplements, you can provide your clients with the level of service they expect and deserve. This leads to enhanced client satisfaction and positive referrals, which are essential for the growth of your roofing business.

5. Complex Repairs and Upgrades: Some roofing damage may necessitate complex repairs or upgrades that weren’t apparent during the initial assessment. Supplements allow you to address these complexities without financial strain, enabling you to execute comprehensive solutions that enhance the durability and longevity of the roof.

6. Efficient Project Execution: Supplements expedite the repair or replacement process by ensuring that you have the resources you need when you need them. This efficiency is particularly important when dealing with time-sensitive repairs, such as those required after severe weather events.

7. Mitigating Disputes: In some cases, discrepancies may arise between your assessment and the insurance adjuster’s evaluation. Supplements provide a formal and structured means to address these discrepancies, reducing the likelihood of disputes and ensuring a smoother claims process.

As a roofing contractor, integrating the concept of insurance supplements into your business strategy enables you to deliver exceptional service, maintain transparency with your clients, and uphold the integrity of your work. By collaborating with a supplement provider like us, you can navigate the process seamlessly, ensuring that your roofing projects meet the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction.

What About Code Requirements And Code Upgrades?

Building codes are constantly changing, and vary from county to county and state to state. In many cases, insurance adjusters don’t live where they work so they don’t always know the codes for each area, especially during large weather events. This can lead to items that are required for your roof replacement or other parts of the home to be left off the estimate.

When they’re left off the estimate and need to be added, that’s referred to as a supplement.

We use a database of up to date codes for every city and county in the US to make sure that we’re not missing any code upgrades on your supplements.

Should I Hire A Roofing Supplement Company?

Engaging a third-party supplementing company like EOD offers a range of compelling advantages for roofing contractors. The foremost benefit is addressing the time constraints that contractors often face, preventing them from drafting fresh Xactimate Estimates for all their projects. Additionally, not everyone possesses the finesse for supplement writing, making it a logical choice to delegate this aspect.

Contractors also opt for supplementing companies to ensure that newly onboarded sales representatives generate profitable roofing projects. Even if a roofing company maintains an in-house supplementing team, unexpected events like a hurricane or rare hailstorm could cause an overwhelming influx of claims. In such scenarios, the efficient route is seeking assistance from a third-party roofing supplement specialist, promptly alleviating the claims surge.

Established roofing enterprises, primarily focused on retail projects, may occasionally encounter insurance-related assignments. In such cases, our team at Elite steps in to aid these businesses in managing intermittent insurance claims. We can even guide companies in transitioning toward specializing in storm restoration, effectively diversifying their scope.

Moreover, many startups in the roofing industry turn to us. As a new business owner, you’re often juggling multiple responsibilities, from sales to management. This leaves minimal bandwidth or expertise for effectively supplementing insurance-related roofing claims. That’s where we step in, ensuring that your new venture thrives without being burdened by supplement intricacies.

In essence, whether you’re an established roofing powerhouse, a retail-focused entity, or a budding startup, leveraging a third-party supplementing company like ours can significantly amplify your efficiency, profitability, and overall success in the dynamic roofing landscape.

How Do You Supplement For Flashing?

When flashings are rusted or damaged they should be replaced, and paid for by the insurer.

Step flashing, L flashing, counterflashing, etc. are often left out of the original scope of loss.  Sometimes the flashing is missed all together, and sometimes carriers do not  allow adjusters to estimate for what is not directly visible to them.

There are other line items to consider in certain instances with flashing, and our years of combined experience at EOD will be able to quickly identify those instances and address them in your residential roof insurance supplements.

How Do You Supplement For Valleys?

Valley lining in open and closed valleys is a commonly overlooked item on insurance carrier estimates. Whether you use metal or ice & water barrier, this upgrade is usually covered by insurance home owner policies.

How Often Should You Supplement?

It’s essential to conduct a comprehensive review of your roofing projects to assess the potential need for filing a roof supplement. Building a consistent and streamlined process for supplementing roofing jobs is paramount. Establishing a standardized procedure for conducting thorough inspections greatly simplifies the determination of whether an insurance claim necessitates a supplement and facilitates the supplement filing process. We’ve created those systems for you and can quickly determine whether a claim is worth supplementing.

An effective approach involves providing your sales representatives with clear and well-defined guidelines for performing all roof inspections. Leading contractors employ structured inspection checklists and photographic documentation to ensure accurate recording of damage and the necessary materials for successful job installation. While implementing such a process might extend your sales reps’ inspection time by an additional 15-30 minutes, the benefits to your roofing business are significant.

How Much More Can I Make By Supplementing My Roofing Jobs?

The extent of your success in supplementation hinges greatly on the nature of the documentation you furnish alongside your supplements, as well as the flexibility you extend to the duration a job spends in the “settlement” phase of the supplementation process. Contractors who aim to optimize their supplementation profits invest in training their sales representatives to meticulously compile all requisite documentation, including inspection checklists, comprehensive photographic evidence, invoices, and more.

As of writing, EOD adds on average 37% to each estimate we supplement (nationwide, across all markets).

When Does The Supplementing Process Begin?

There are two distinct points in time when you can initiate a roofing supplement: Pre-Installation, which occurs before the installation phase, and Post-Installation, taking place after installation but before depreciation release. To maximize the effectiveness of roof supplementation for insurance-related projects, the recommended strategy involves pursuing both Pre-Installation and Post-Installation supplements.

For Pre-Installation supplements, it is advisable to draft and submit these to a specialized supplementing company promptly upon receiving the complete scope of loss from the adjuster. Given that settling such claims might require several days on the part of the adjuster and carrier, it’s prudent to hold off scheduling the installation if significant Xactimate line items are pending approval. Contractors who have well-structured roof inspection procedures typically achieve swifter turnaround times for Pre-Installation supplements, and they often encounter fewer scheduling complications.

In addition to its implications for revenue and profitability, embracing Pre-Installation supplements can yield positive impacts on your roofing business’s cash flow. Notably, upon approval of a Pre-Installation supplement, carriers often issue an additional Actual Cash Value (ACV) check to the homeowner to cover the supplementary line items outlined in the revised estimate. By harnessing these supplemental opportunities, you enhance your roofing business’s financial standing, streamline operations, and foster smoother interactions with insurance carriers and homeowners alike.

How Long Does The Supplement Process Take?

On average, the approval process for a roofing supplement takes around 10-20 days when dealing with the insurance carrier. For more intricate projects, such as those with complex roofs or exteriors, this timeline can extend to 20-40 days. Once an approval is granted, funds are typically disbursed within a swift timeframe: 1-3 business days following pre-installation supplement approval, and 4-7 business days for post-installation supplements.

Numerous variables influence the duration it takes for a supplement to gain approval. While certain factors are beyond the contractor’s realm of control (such as potential carrier inspection backlogs after a storm), expediting approval times by several days is indeed feasible by ensuring all requisite documentation is in order from the outset. A well-prepared contractor at the initial inspection stage yields superior results in terms of both financial compensation and faster supplement closings.

Presenting all essential photos and paperwork alongside an accurately written Xactimate estimate can lead to what’s called “Desk Approval,” streamlining the claim settlement process significantly. In cases where particular photos are absent or unclear, the insurance company might opt to reject specific line items or request supplementary documentation, elongating the supplement’s progression by an extra 3-5 days each time. A similar principle holds true for invoices and receipts, underlining the significance of comprehensive and organized documentation.

By meticulously attending to these details and adhering to a structured process, EOD can effectively minimize delays, ensure smoother interactions with insurance carriers, and ultimately bolster both the financial and temporal outcomes of the supplementing process.

Why Should I Partner With EOD For My Roofing Supplements?

At EOD, we understand how overwhelming it can be to process all the paperwork and estimates, especially during the busy season. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team is made up of experienced adjusters that provide reliable and accurate estimates and supplements. We guarantee your satisfaction with every estimate we provide, and we won’t stop working until you’re happy.

Residential Roof Insurance Supplementing FAQ's

We understand the importance of working with quality companies, and we want our customers to feel 100% supported by us in every job we work together on. That’s why we take pride in writing high quality supplements for our clients that gain rapid approval and add to your bottom line.
Our combined years of experience supplementing insurance estimates makes us the #1 choice for general contractors and roofers that want to save time and be more profitable on every job.