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When you’re working with customers who originated as an insurance loss, and there’s an estimate from an insurance carrier involved, supplements are essential. A roof supplement is an opportunity for roofing contractors to get paid for 100% of the work they are doing. By using roofing supplements you’ll also help your customers reap the insurance settlement that they are entitled to and guarantee a returning customer, and a vocal customer for your business.

So what is a roofing supplement? In common parlance, a supplement is basically any change or changes that a contractor or roofer adds to a project after the initial estimate, most commonly in insurance related projects. Supplements are a reality for many reasons, but one is that many adjusters do not have experience in roofing, which makes it difficult for them to properly estimate a claim for their customers.

When it comes to roofing projects, a supplement is a crucial tool that allows contractors to bridge the gap between the initial insurance estimate and the actual work required. These supplements, often required in insurance-related projects, can make a significant difference in ensuring that both contractors and customers are adequately compensated for the work performed. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into why roofing supplements matter, how they work, and why they are beneficial for both contractors and customers.

Why Roofing Supplements Matter:

As mentioned earlier, roofing supplements play a critical role in accurately reflecting the scope of work needed for a roofing project. The initial estimate provided by an insurance carrier may not always cover all the necessary repairs or replacements, primarily due to the lack of roofing expertise among many adjusters. This is where roofing contractors step in with their industry knowledge to identify and address the additional work required.

Roofing systems can be complex, with hidden damages that may not be apparent at first glance. Contractors, armed with their expertise, can uncover these hidden issues and provide a more comprehensive assessment of the repairs needed. These additional repairs or changes are what make up a roofing supplement.

How Roofing Supplements Work:

A roofing supplement involves documenting the extra work that is needed beyond the initial estimate provided by the insurance carrier. Contractors meticulously document the additional repairs, materials, and labor required to ensure the roofing system is restored to its pre-loss condition. This documentation is then submitted to the insurance company for review and approval.

Upon receiving the supplement request, the insurance company’s adjuster evaluates the documentation and assesses whether the additional work is indeed necessary. If approved, the insurance company will provide additional funds to cover the supplemental repairs. This process can sometimes involve negotiations between the contractor and the insurance company to ensure a fair and accurate settlement.

Benefits for Contractors and Customers:

Roofing supplements bring a multitude of benefits for both contractors and customers:

1. Fair Compensation: Roofing contractors are able to receive payment for all the work they do, not just what was initially estimated. This ensures that contractors are adequately compensated for their time, expertise, and materials.

2. Customer Satisfaction: By identifying and addressing all necessary repairs, contractors ensure that customers receive a thorough and complete restoration of their roofing system. This translates to happier customers who are more likely to recommend the contractor’s services.

3. Maximized Insurance Settlements: Customers are entitled to an insurance settlement that accurately reflects the cost of restoring their property. Supplements help customers maximize their claims and receive the full coverage they deserve.

4. Long-Term Business Growth: Providing top-notch service, accurate assessments, and transparent communication builds trust and loyalty among customers. This leads to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, fostering long-term business growth.

At the end of the day, roofing supplements are an integral part of the roofing industry. They bridge the gap between initial estimates and the actual work required, ensuring fair compensation for contractors and accurate coverage for customers. By embracing supplements as part of the process and using experts to handle them, roofers can not only thrive in their business but also provide exceptional service that builds strong customer relationships and a stellar reputation within the industry.


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