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When a wind or hailstorm hits, the aftermath can be overwhelming for homeowners. From assessing the damage to filing insurance claims, the process is complex and often stressful. Roofing contractors often offer to file claims and deal with insurance carriers on behalf of their customers.  Once a claim is filed is when things can get a little messy. This is where Estimate on Demand (EOD) steps in, providing essential support to roofing contractors through comprehensive supplemental estimates. These estimates play a crucial role in ensuring that all damage is accounted for, helping homeowners receive the compensation they deserve.

What Are Supplemental Estimates?
Supplemental estimates, or supplements, are detailed reports that identify additional damages or repairs not included in the initial insurance adjuster’s assessment. These estimates are vital for addressing overlooked damages and ensuring that the true extent of the repair work is recognized and compensated.

The Process of Creating Supplemental Estimates
At EOD, the process begins with a meticulous review of the initial insurance carrier estimates and roof reports provided by the contractor. Leveraging advanced AI technology, we analyze these documents to identify any missing items or discrepancies. Our experienced team of former insurance adjusters then reviews the AI findings and creates a comprehensive supplemental estimate.

Why Are Supplemental Estimates Important?
Maximizing Claims: Insurance adjusters can sometimes miss critical damages, leading to insufficient compensation. Supplemental estimates ensure that all necessary repairs are included, maximizing the claim amount.

Streamlining the Process: Accurate supplemental estimates help streamline the claims process, reducing delays and disputes. This efficiency benefits both contractors and homeowners, leading to faster approvals and repairs.

Expert Insight: With a team of former insurance adjusters, EOD brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Our deep understanding of the insurance industry allows us to spot deficiencies that others might overlook, ensuring thorough and reliable estimates.

Real-Life Impact
Consider a roofing contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a region frequently hit by severe hailstorms. After a significant storm, the contractor’s initial assessment revealed substantial damage. However, the insurance adjuster’s report did not account for all the necessary repairs. EOD stepped in, utilizing our AI tools and expert analysis to create a detailed supplemental estimate. The result? The contractor was able to increase the claim by 30%, ensuring the homeowner received full compensation for all repairs.

Supplemental estimates are an essential part of the roofing insurance claims process, ensuring that all damage is accurately accounted for and compensated. At Estimate on Demand, we are dedicated to supporting roofing contractors with precise and comprehensive estimates. By partnering with us, you can enhance your service offerings and ensure that your clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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