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Partner with EOD for your roof supplements

You could earn an additional


per month

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Roofing supplements

EOD will write negotiate chase all of your roofing supplements.

Gable cornice returns and strips
Cornice Strip
Gable Cornice Returns
Double felt on low slopes
Valley lining
Steep charges
High charges
Drip edge

Dedicated Account Manager

We’ll match you with an account manager that has experience working supplements in your state. You’ll always have one point of contact regardless of how much your work increases.

Transparent Communication

EOD will work inside of your PMS (Acculynx, Roofr, etc.) so that you can see everything we’re doing for you in real time. If you don’t have a PMS, we’ll invite you to ours. Our goal is seamless and clear communication with our clients.

Specialized Support

No matter how much your business increases when you partner with EOD, we will have the capacity to service your business and your clients. We have a flexible team and purpose built infrastructure designed for success.

Estimate on Demand is a Step Ahead



Complete Supplement Handling

Estimate on Demand handles your Xactimate estimates & supplements needs from post inspection to submittal, supplement & negotiation.

24 Hour Turnaround

Estimate on Demand will complete our review of each job and return the supplement to the carrier within 24 hours.

No Minimums

Estimate on Demand does not charge a minimum fee for supplementing. There’s zero risk to using our services, and we only make money when our clients make money.

Experienced Field Adjusters

Every one of our estimators is an experienced field adjuster. We know exactly how adjusters and carriers operate.

AI Analysis

Every call EOD makes to a carrier is transcribed, analyzed and summarized. This helps us constantly improve our negotiating stance, and maintain meticulous documentation.

Dedicated Claim Chasers

EOD has a team of dedicated claim chasers that are in constant contact with carriers to make sure your claims are being worked, files are being sent, and things are getting done. Fast.

Heavy Analytics

EOD tracks every claim we close, and we use those analytics and prior closed claims to help us allocate resources and close additional claims.

Interior Work

Don’t pass off that interior work! We work for PA’s and Restoration Contractors as well, and with that knowledge we can supplement your interior work as well.

Great terms

We don’t want to put our clients out, so we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Let’s talk about your business and how EOD can add to your success.

A quick, 10 minute call to see if we're a good fit for you and your roofing business

If you don’t want to schedule a call, call us right away, and if we’re not busy handling other supplements and estimates, we’ll be happy to take your call. (612) 488-5643