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2023 Annual Report

EOD’s Impactful Year:

Driving Success in Insurance Restoration

Discover how Estimate on Demand (EOD) performed in insurance restoration estimating and supplementing in 2023, achieving remarkable success for roofers and contractors across the United States.

Executive Summary

Since its inception in 2021, Estimate on Demand (EOD) has established itself as a pivotal force in the insurance restoration industry, specifically catering to the needs of interior restoration contractors and roofers throughout the United States. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, EOD has not only averaged over a 25% supplement gain across all markets each year but has also recorded an astonishing 100%+ revenue growth year over year. This report encapsulates EOD's dedication, strategies, and the unmatched value it brings to the restoration ecosystem.

EOD’s Genesis and Evolution

Founded in 2021, EOD embarked on a mission to enhance the insurance claim process for the restoration industry.

With a clear focus on providing top-tier estimating and supplementing services, EOD has been pivotal in ensuring contractors and roofers receive the best service and result on all of their insurance related restoration jobs.

Services at a Glance

EOD stands out by writing comprehensive estimates and roofing supplements, ensuring every claim is meticulously evaluated and accurately adjusted. The process, designed around thoroughness and precision, involves a deep dive into the initial estimates from insurance carriers, identifying overlooked or omitted items, and advocating for necessary adjustments.

Industry Overview: Trends and Challenges

The past year has seen significant shifts within the insurance restoration landscape, marked by insurance carriers’ evolving practices and the increasing complexities of policy adjustments. EOD has identified key trends impacting the sector:

Shift Away from Independent Adjusters:

Large carriers are increasingly sidelining independent adjusters, leading to a notable deficit in construction knowledge among field adjusters.  This led to a slower supplement process, and caused serious bottlenecks at the major carriers.

This restructuring also emphasized the need for a systematic approach when handling supplements, as the adjusters missed more and more items on their original estimates.

Policy Adjustments to Limit Exposure:

Carriers are adjusting policies in ways that limit payouts for restoration, often leaving homeowners to cover significant costs.  The most common policy endorsement gaining steam is no coverage for building code upgrades or requirements. This leaves a lot of items that are standard requirements for a re-roof, to be paid for out of pocket by the homeowner.

Restricted Adjuster Authority:

The diminishing authority of adjusters, constrained by rigid company guidelines, poses challenges in claim adjustments that reflect real-world needs.  It is becoming increasingly rare to engage with adjusters that have sole decision making ability, and can make determinations without going up the chain of command.  This inefficiency in the claim process has a slowing effect.

Grow With Us

EOD’s operation hinges on a robust framework that emphasizes accuracy, advocacy, and accountability. By leveraging advanced project management tools, clients gain transparent insight into their claim’s status, fostering trust and collaboration. EOD’s negotiation prowess with carrier adjusters has been instrumental in settling claims favorably, underscoring its role as an indispensable ally to contractors and roofers.

Partnering with Estimate on Demand (EOD) enables you to realize increased revenue through our meticulous claim handling and supplementing processes, ensuring you receive the full entitlement for each project. Additionally, our expertise saves you invaluable time, eliminating the need for constant follow-ups with insurance carriers. This allows you to focus on core business activities, knowing that the complexities of claim management are being expertly managed by our team. Furthermore, our collaboration obviates the necessity for training new personnel in the nuanced domain of insurance restoration, providing you with a cost-effective solution that leverages our specialized skill set for your immediate benefit. Engaging with EOD translates into a strategic advantage, positioning your business for growth and success in the competitive roofing industry.

Insurance Carriers Analysis

Through our meticulous data collection, EOD has amassed a wealth of information on claim handling, offering invaluable insights into carrier responsiveness, claim adjustments, and final settlement outcomes. This data not only informs EOD's strategies but also serves as a critical resource for understanding industry patterns and carrier behaviors.

In 2023, EOD engaged with over 70 insurance carriers, with overweight interactions with industry giants such as State Farm, Allstate, and USAA due to their market coverage. This diverse experience has equipped EOD with a unique perspective on carrier-specific practices and challenges, enabling tailored strategies that address varied carrier methodologies.

Our dataset encompasses information from 2,740 claims managed across 12 states in the year 2023. These claims primarily originate from contractors with a specialization in roofing. However, it is noteworthy that many of our clients also undertake the role of a general contractor for projects involving additional exterior or interior damage that is concurrent with the roof damage.

In 2023, our collaboration spanned a broad spectrum of insurance carriers, encompassing both regional and niche entities. The distribution of our workload among these carriers closely reflected their respective market shares within the United States, indicating a balanced engagement that aligns with the broader industry landscape.

Average Turnaround Time


Median Turnaround Time


At Estimate on Demand (EOD), we strategically initiate contact with insurance carriers every three days regarding our supplemental claims. This frequency is chosen to provide adjusters with sufficient time to address the supplement, while ensuring the claim remains a priority without falling to the wayside. Additionally, this approach is carefully calibrated to maintain a professional rapport with adjusters, acknowledging the essential human element in claim processing. When an adjuster requests a pause in our follow-ups, specifying a preferred timeline for the next contact pending an update, we respectfully comply with such directives. Adhering to this protocol, EOD successfully reduced the claim closure time to an average of 30 days, with a median of 23 days, encompassing a wide range of claim sizes across various carriers and markets.

During our operations, we observed significant delays attributable to suboptimal claim management practices; instances of carriers misplacing claims or failing to reassign them promptly when an adjuster departs were not uncommon. Anecdotal evidence suggests that staff adjusters, as opposed to Independent Adjusters (IAs), exhibited a slower response rate, further complicating the claim resolution process.

Regarding the comparison of our turnaround times with those of our competitors, the specifics remain somewhat uncertain. While there are claims in the industry of exceedingly rapid turnaround times for settling supplements, it’s debatable whether these reflect a unique efficiency that we lack. It’s more plausible that the difference lies in our commitment to maximizing the value of each supplement. Unlike some competitors who may settle more readily once a satisfactory profit margin is achieved on a claim, our approach is to rigorously advocate for every dollar entitled to our clients, potentially extending our processing times but ensuring optimal outcomes.

Slowest Turnaround Time


In 2023, Central Insurance was identified as the carrier with the longest duration to finalize a supplemented estimate processed by Estimate on Demand (EOD) at 35 days¹. By “finalize,” we refer to the comprehensive period commencing from the moment EOD receives a request to supplement an estimate, culminating in Central Insurance issuing a final, satisfactory estimate that adequately compensates their policyholder.

One of the interesting things about our work with Central Insurance, is that 100% of the claims we worked on, were with the same desk adjuster. We’ll touch base more on this later.

¹This number is reflective of total days, not business days.
² In some instances, IA’s don’t include the carrier in their paperwork, and we put the IA firm in place of the carrier.
³ The chart automatically removed decimals from almost all of the results for space saving.

On a positive note, State Auto, Amica, and American Modern Insurance demonstrated commendable efficiency in addressing their customers’ needs concerning our supplemental estimates, achieving turnaround times of 6, 7.33, and 9 days, respectively. Considering the substantial volume of claims processed, Liberty Mutual achieved a respectable average turnaround time of 15.365 days.

You’ll note the Hanover claim at 0 days, and that’s accurate; the only Hanover claim we handled in 2024 was returned the same day we sent it in, with an increase of $787.93.

Stellar Performance


In 2023, Estimate on Demand (EOD) achieved a notable success, realizing a 27.69% increase in Replacement Cost Value (RCV) totals across all US markets. This accomplishment underscores EOD’s expertise and effectiveness in maximizing claim outcomes for its clients. Remarkably, certain markets witnessed even more impressive results, with averages surpassing the 40% mark. This performance not only highlights EOD’s proficiency in navigating the complexities of insurance restoration but also its commitment to securing the best possible financial recovery for contractors and roofers in the industry.

Carrier Performance


Last year, our collaboration extended to numerous insurance carriers, revealing significant omissions in the estimates provided by their adjusters. It is important to approach this matter with understanding, recognizing that field adjusters are often faced with heavy workloads, inadequate compensation, and insufficient training. Our data on the average supplement increase by carrier indicated that Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company achieved the highest adjustment, closely followed by Pretorian Insurance. However, given that we processed no more than five claims for each of these carriers, a more representative leader for 2023, based on our data, is USAA, which takes the third-place position.

Among the ten estimates processed for UPC claims by Estimate on Demand (EOD), there was an observed average increase of 102.04% over the original estimates.

Similarly, for USAA, EOD achieved an average increase of 61.319% on their initial estimates by the close of 2023. This substantial uplift in claim values predominantly stems from the approval of line items during the supplement process that were either initially overlooked by adjusters or inaccurately estimated. While a minor proportion of claims witnessed marked increases due to previously undetected damages — such as roof sheathing — these instances highlight the critical importance of thorough inspections and precise estimations.

The Worst

Throughout 2023, after engaging with numerous insurance carriers, Central Insurance was perceived as the most challenging carrier with which we interacted. The response times for returning supplements significantly exceeded those of any other carrier. Furthermore, our interactions ranged across various levels of their organization, from adjusters to executive-level staff, who were frequently unhelpful, often rude, and predominantly unresponsive.

Georgia Farm Bureau ranks as a close second, characterized by encounters with adjusters who exhibit closed-mindedness, abrasiveness, and a complete lack of responsiveness. As adjusters ourselves, encountering such attitudes within the industry remains surprising, especially given that these adjusters are not effectively serving their own clients. This observation underscores a broader industry issue where the essential ethos of client service and collaboration is often overlooked, thereby impacting the efficiency and outcome of the claims process.

The Best

In our assessment, Auto Owners Insurance distinguished itself as the most cooperative and proficient carrier to collaborate with in 2023. Notably, Auto Owners Insurance consistently produced highly accurate and comprehensive estimates, frequently eliminating the need for supplemental adjustments. Our engagements with their adjusters were uniformly professional, characterized by a commendable openness to dialogue whenever we presented an issue during the supplement process.

Should Auto Owners Insurance employ specific hiring practices or compensation strategies to attract top-tier talent, it would be prudent for other carriers and firms to consider adopting similar approaches.

Looking Forward

As EOD looks to the future, it remains focused on refining its services, embracing technological advancements, and expanding its reach to support more contractors and roofers across the nation. The strategic objectives for the coming year are shaped by ongoing industry trends, client needs, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


  • How does EOD differentiate itself in the insurance restoration market? EOD distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on maximizing insurance claims for roofers and restoration contractors, combined with its comprehensive approach to claim evaluation and negotiation.
  • What trends are currently shaping the insurance restoration industry? Key trends include the reduction in the use of independent adjusters by insurance carriers, policy adjustments that limit payouts, and the restricted authority of adjusters.
  • How does EOD ensure the best outcome for its clients? By conducting thorough assessments of initial estimates, advocating for necessary code upgrades, and leveraging its negotiation expertise, EOD ensures clients receive the maximum possible settlement.
  • Can EOD handle claims from any insurance carrier? Yes, EOD has experience dealing with over 70 insurance carriers, equipping it with the versatility to navigate the complexities of various carrier policies and practices.
  • What is the future direction of EOD? EOD aims to continue its trajectory of growth by further enhancing its services, adopting new technologies, and expanding its support to a broader range of clients within the insurance restoration industry.