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Professional Xactimate Estimates & Roof Supplements

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Let us write your xactimate estimates & roofing supplements for you, getting all the money out of the claim that deserves to be, using our extensive knowledge of how insurance claims are processed.


Estimate on Demand can handle your xactimate estimates & supplements writing needs from post inspection to submittal. Rapidly expand your business by leveraging our estimate writing services.


EOD can run down every claim from when we write to when you or your customer gets their final check. Let us shorten the tail on your jobs, lower risk and increase your profits.


We identify deficiencies in the current state of your business, provide technical support to design the future state, and develop a solution for the transition state, while you focus on your clients.

Welcome to Estimate on Demand – your partner in the roofing industry. We specialize in roofing supplements and want to empower your roofing business with the right tools for success. Leverage our expertise by letting EOD manage your roofing supplements. Whether you need a few roof supplement estimates or many, we have no minimum requirements. Get the roof supplements you need, precisely when you need them, and take your roofing business to new heights.

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Supercharge Your Xactimate Estimates & Supplements

Estimate on Demand handles your Xactimate estimates & supplements needs from post inspection to submittal, supplement & negotiation.

Our Company Values

Our business is built on great service and clear communication.

The core of our business is providing excellent service to our clients, while effectively communicating with our clients, insurance carriers, and attorneys.

Average Supplement Increase
from original RCV to updated RCV
Average Time To Close
days to close with carriers
The Difference

Add real results to your bottom line.

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We make estimating and supplementing simple, by handling all of it for you.

Let experienced adjusters handle your Xactimate estimates & supplements.

Upload your files to EOD

Via our super duper client portal, where we constantly update our progress.

Watch the magic happen

We wrangle keyboards, cover building codes and call carriers, chasing your money.

Enjoy increased revenue

And the additional free time you have by letting us handle your estimates and supplements.